hi, i'm Ali Syed

Founder & CEO FinTech Startup @ UC Berkeley SkyDeck

a little about me

Currently Founder & CEO at a FinTech Startup @ UC Berkeley SkyDeck (California) Batch of 2018. 

Sr. Technology and Business Operations Executive with over 14 years of technology and leadership for high growth enterprise companies. A seasoned hands-on technical leader in the FinTech, AI, Data Analytics, SAAS, Compliance, BI, and Cloud space. Starting his first venture at the age of 14, Ali has started and successfully sold 2 startups, early in his career, and has since worked with many startups, running multiple teams at the same time. 

Hands-on experience architecting, leading, managing, and directing the efforts of large complex SAAS programs. Managing global technical engineering teams, with round the clock US and international operations. Highly proficient in starting Engineering departments from scratch, while sourcing and retaining the best talent. Currently playing around with AI, ML, and Blockchain in FinTech Capital Markets

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